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5 Tips To Help You Stay On the No Contact Rule

After you’ve made your decision to not contact your ex, you need to stay true to the decision. Unfortunately, everyone has their weak moments and it’s common to give in during them. Here are 5 tips that will help you stay away from your ex and in your sanity.

1. Get Busy

Do something that will keep you busy. It’s easier to not contact your ex when you are busy doing something else. The urge to contact your ex is not going to last long. When the emotions have faded away, ask yourself, do you still want to contact your ex? If you still have the urge, that means you are still emotional. Move on to the next step.

2. Relax and Release those Endorphin

Have a list of things that make you relaxed and more upbeat. It could be anything like taking a bath, dancing, going to the gym, or cooking. Whenever you feel the urge to break the rule, find a thing from the list and do it. After finishing the activity, you are most likely to have lost the urge.

3. Have a Back-up Buddy

Find a friend that you can rely on. Make it their duty to set you straight during your weak moments and remind you why you decided to stay away from your ex. Every time you feel the urge to contact your ex, call your friend and talk to them. By the time you’ve finished talking to your friend, you urge to contact your ex would’ve gone.

4. Write the conversation

What are trying to accomplish by contacting your ex? If you have some type of expectations form the conversation you’ll have with your ex, write it down. Find out what you are expecting. What you will say to your ex and what you expect them to say back. After you’ve written the conversation, you need to realize that it will not go as you planned. In all probability, it’s going to go much worse. And you are going to feel worse after the conversation.  If you think you will get closure with something they say, you are dead wrong.

5. Write Down The Reasons You Decided To Move On

It’s time to go back and remember why you decided to stop communication with your ex in the first place. Write it down yourself and give the logical side of your brain some advantage over the emotional side.

It’s always easy to give in to the temptation and regret later. It’s much harder to stand your ground and not let the emotions control you. It’s your choice. Either way, you are going to realize that contacting your ex will not lead to the happiness and peace that you deserve.

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  • Bec October 31, 2014, 8:43 pm

    Dear Kevin,

    My ex and I broke up after 4 months and and 1/2 our relationship fell apart as he didn’t want to break my heart when he is going back to his country next year, as he knew how sensitive I am, when we broke up we both respected each other and we both still have feelings for each other as he has told me in person he loves me but he can’t.We go to the same school and i have the same classes with him and he does sit with me in class so I am so confused on the no contact rule I don’t answer his message or calls. But please help I am so confused if there is still hope or I should move on.

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